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Express Design Studios seeks to help artists and photographers tap the power of the web to market their work.

Online Sales

Art is about inspiration, and one way to keep an artist inspired is to make a sale. One way we aid artistic expression is to offer customized web design for presenting artwork in an on-line gallery format or with a merchant site with built-in shopping cart to make purchases as easy as possible for the customer. We can also suggest a range of options for existing on-line companies that offer services for quickly making your art or photography available for sale on-line. And, once your artwork is available on-line, we can suggest the steps you need to promote your web pages and get your work noticed.

Marketing to the Public

We are seeking to our catalogue of artistic works to market to retail vendors. Or we can show you how to do this yourself. Most vendors prefer to take works of art on consignment, which has benefits and drawbacks for the artist. Let us guide you through the process. There is no better way to market your art to the public than to have a public showing. We can assist in arranging the show and provide the promotional materials to do it.

Prints and Giclées

For the artist who wants to spend his or her time in the studio, we can help by producing prints of your work for sale. We can help you locate a printer to produce prints of your work in the sizes you want. We recommend using acid-free mattes and backing and fade-resistant, archival inks to produce fabulous giclée prints that will endure the test of time.

main for your site and can match virtually price for monthly and annual hosting prices. Let us manage your domain and hosting for you, or manage your domain and hosting with your own account. All hosting packages include database-driven capabilities and a range of popular content management applications. We've got everything you need to have a site up and running in no time.

Let's get started and create something together.